Tondo Fiesta

Tondo In Contrast: Sto. Niño Fiesta 2016

Banderitas (buntings) lined the streets and videoke music blasted from large speakers as people from in and out of Tondo enjoy the merriment. It is definitely fiesta time again to start the year 2016. Games were being held simultaneously in different areas as other people tread the […]

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Sampaloc Lake

Snapshots: Sampaloc Lake

A man carrying his boat paddle passed me by as the first rays of daybreak shone, reflecting on the dark waters of Sampaloc Lake. I was fidgeting as I set up my camera and tripod to take his photo. Wearing tight-fitting pants with metal studs and a pair of high-cut […]

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Snapshots: The Lonely Road to Oregon

The slippery roads were lined with dark, towering trees. The branches seemed to reach out and grasp us in darkness. I was dreaming of a white Christmas when I scheduled my US trip during the winter, but instead I arrived in a weather where it was bitingly cold […]

Infanta Flagellants

Semana Santa and the Infanta Flagellants

Just a few people roamed the dimly lit streets of this sleepy town when we arrived at Infanta at about 4am. Thinking we arrived early, we were not in a hurry to prepare our photography gear. We were surprised when we suddenly heard a clacking and swishing sound and […]

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Dumaguete on Foot

Dumaguete is a small city in the heart of Negros Oriental and popularly known as a “City of Gentle People”. But with about 30% of its town predominated by students and the structures of Siliman University, it also aptly called as “University Town”. The city […]