The Spooky Baguio Diplomat Hotel

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Diplomat Hotel

We were already feeling the breeze getting colder as dusk set in the city of Baguio. We were trying to take our chance to get inside the grounds of Dominican Hill and get a glimpse of the spooky Diplomat Hotel.  It was already around 6:00 pm and we were at the gate sweet talking and pleading to manong guard but our plea has obviously fallen on deaf ears. “Umalis na kayo, madami pa ako gagawin.” (Go away, I still have many things to do.) As the guard went away.

But before we decided to leave and just return early the next day, I still took chance to capture this shot of the Diplomat Hotel, shrouded in fog which added to the spooky-ness of the place. It may have been a failed attempt to enter the premises, but still think I am not yet ready to do ghost hunting. Maybe during broad daylight when spirits are probably at rest.

This trip was sponsored by Azalea Residences, Baguio City.

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Rocel Zamora is an engineer by profession, a girl from mars with a passion for photography, finding peace in rock and roll music, capturing the world in color and seeing thru your soul in black and white.

2 thoughts on “The Spooky Baguio Diplomat Hotel”

  1. it looks like an old haunted mansion from a novel. does it have black gates in front entrance and a goth fountain?

    • siopaotonic says:

      Yes, it does have black gates in front but the goth fountain is inside. I’ll post more photos of this hotel in my next blog post. Thanks! 🙂

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