Pink Serenity at Payong Payong Point

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Approximately 3 hours drive and estimated 70kms away from Manila is Payong Payong Point, in Nasugbu Batangas. Payong Payong Point beach can be reached via a 15 minute boat ride just passing the other side of the breakwater from the pier. The waters are shallow and calm as the people can just wade through the waters at least 200 meters away from the shoreline.  The rock formations and large boulders is what defines the landscape of this beach. As the sun descents into the horizon, the sky illuminates the serene waters into a blushing pink.

SETTINGS: 18mm, 20 seconds, f11, ISO 200

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Rocel Zamora is an engineer by profession, a girl from mars with a passion for photography, finding peace in rock and roll music, capturing the world in color and seeing thru your soul in black and white.

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