Policarpio Street Lights Up in Yule season

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Policarpio is a just an ordinary street in Barangay Zaniga in the city of Mandaluyong but during the Yuletide season, the residents transform their houses from plain to extra-ordinary. Their decorations ranging from Sta. Clause of different sizes, life-sized “Belens”, Christmas lights and LED lights adorning their houses from roof to ground.

I visited Policarpio street and heard about it last 2009 but the decorative houses said to have started 8 or 9 years ago. It was also declared as a tourist destination by DOT last 2000.

More and more visitors flock to this place every year, mostly families with their kids. So, if you are looking for a free treat this Christmas season, then do drop by this area . I do plan to come back to this place again.

Don’t expect too much though. Although the place is visually entertaining, it is still just a 200m stretch of a street that you can roam in 30 -45 minutes or even less.

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One thought on “Policarpio Street Lights Up in Yule season”

  1. wow, that is a lot of work and lights. my mother used to do a lot of decoration, but not this much. they should have contests and give prizes for the best decorated house.

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