Bangkok Nightscape: A walk around Benjasiri Park and Phrom Phong

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Benjasiri Park

We rode the BTS (Bangkok Mass Transit System) in search of a good vantage point to shoot and take a trip around the city, a side trip for our real agenda here – WORK. We were in Bangkok, but constraint in time and budget sent us just hopping from station to station to shoot for Bangkok’s cityscape, a cheaper alternative than going to Thailand’s famous temples.

Our first stop was Lumphini Park, as it was said to have a good view of both sunrise and sunset. We waited until the sun came down, but there was no sunset only a dark overcast sky. We were also slightly disappointed with the city view. There were not enough tall buildings and even some are under construction so I recommend you to skip this area.

Did my research again and saw Benjasiri Park at Sukhumvit area. Surprised that it was just a stones throw away from the hotel we were staying at, and we almost missed it, whew.

Benjasiri Park was said to be a gift for the queens 60th birthday. It is located near Sukhumvit 33-34 and near Phrom Phong BTS station. Aside from the city view, many people come here to relax, stroll around, there are also nice sculptures for art lovers and some fitness equipment for the health buffs.

Benjasiri Park

A man-made lake is situated at the heart of Benjasiri park, reflecting the city lights at sundown.

Phrom Phong Station at Sukhumvit road is one of the busiest roads in the city. If you opt to go for a view of the city, I recommend to ride the BTS as it is cheaper and faster to way to go around.

Phrom Phong

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