Siquijor: A Year-end Dawn with a Mangrove Family

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We have visited Siquijor December of last year and I still seem to be at a loss for words on how to start my chronicles of this enchanted island. When I take a look back, the first vivid memory that always pops on my mind is about a family. A family that when I first saw during our round the island tour, they seemed to be calling out to me. “We have to go back there.” , I said aloud.


Dawn the next day,aboard a tricycle, we set out to meet this family – a family of mangrove trees. I don’t know how we end up calling them as a family but unlike the other mangrove forests, the three trees, uncannily represent a family to us. The tall and slender tree is the “mother” tree, the shorter with thicker trunk is the “father” tree and the smallest and thinnest beside it is the “baby” tree.

There were only a few stars remaining at the break of dawn. As the sun started to rise, a new day has come and was welcoming the coming of the year 2013.

Siquijor Mangroves

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