Sharing the Urban Soul Experience

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We passed by the shop of Mang Sonny – the tailor, as we walked through Rosemary Lane in Pasig. The nooks of his shop are surrounded by colorful cloths (retaso) and garments for mending, up front is his vintage sewing machine which seemed to have aged with him. By his side were his grandchildren – “Mga apo ko yan.”, he said beaming proudly to his “apos”. He was very gracious in letting us take his photos.
Urban Soul Street Photography

I was glad to be part of the Urban Soul Photography workshop by Larry Monserate Piojo in collaboration with Share Movement‘s fundraising project for Joseph Feeding Mission. This was also my first official try of doing “street photography” but instead of focusing on taking photos of the street scene, my attention was drawn to the people specially the children’s curious but smiling faces. I may not have taken more scenic street photos, but I was able to take in the experience and how it moved me. We were sweaty and tired but all our behind the scene photos and video showed that we were always smiling and really amused.

Just look at how these wide eyes are staring back at you while flashing their sweet smile.

Children of Arkong Barko

IMG_3800The young entrepreneur  selling “pulvoron” 

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Rocel Zamora is an engineer by profession, a girl from mars with a passion for photography, finding peace in rock and roll music, capturing the world in color and seeing thru your soul in black and white.

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