Dumaguete on Foot

Dumaguete, Travel Pinas

Dumaguete is a small city in the heart of Negros Oriental and popularly known as a “City of Gentle People”. But with about 30% of its town predominated by students and the structures of Siliman University, it also aptly called as “University Town”.

The city is also a port to many of other islands like Dapitan, Cebu and Siquijor, which was our main destination . Although the weather was very humid that day in December, the weather was still good for a walk around town. The town of Dumaguete is tiny so I recommend that you go by foot or you’ll miss some of these sites and good eats.

Worth a try. If you love street foods in Manila, chances are you’ll love the “tempurahan” alongside Rizal Boulevard and across Siliman University. Food strips starts around 6pm. The most popular is the deep-fried, kikiam-like but cooked similar to Tempura and the squid balls. We added some spicy sauce and partnered it with a cold soda, instantly it became a favorite! (Other alternatives are the Balut and Penoy)



Rizal Boulevard

Rizal Boulevard

Street in Dumaguete

Downtown Dumaguete


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2 thoughts on “Dumaguete on Foot”

    • siopaotonic says:

      The best part about Dumaguete is the food! hehe. I should update this post and include the famous silvanas. 🙂

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