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Aliwan Fiesta 2013: Philippines Grandest Fiesta

A gathering of Philippines 7,107  islands diverse cultural heritage. It is showcased through music and colorful dancing that shows not only our unique Filipino traditions but also on how we celebrate the roots of our faith, thanksgiving and our ancestors plight to keep peace in […]


Policarpio Street Lights Up in Yule season

Policarpio is a just an ordinary street in Barangay Zaniga in the city of Mandaluyong but during the Yuletide season, the residents transform their houses from plain to extra-ordinary. Their decorations ranging from Sta. Clause of different sizes, life-sized “Belens”, Christmas lights and LED lights adorning their houses from roof to ground.

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Unusual Burial Customs of Sagada

In a country like the Philippines which is pre-dominantly Catholic in belief , the conventional funeral practice for the deceased is by being embalmed, having a wake or “lamay” offered with prayers, a mass then a funeral procession before being either buried 6 feet underground […]

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Manila in Blue

Manila in Blue

After a walking photo tour of Manila, from Intramuros, Manila Bay, the usual last stop is the Manila Harbour Square which is overlooking the brightly lit buildings of Manila reflecting on the waters of Manila Bay.

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