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Tondo In Contrast: Sto. Niño Fiesta 2016

Banderitas (buntings) lined the streets and videoke music blasted from large speakers as people from in and out of Tondo enjoy the merriment. It is definitely fiesta time again to start the year 2016. Games were being held simultaneously in different areas as other people tread the […]

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Semana Santa and the Infanta Flagellants

Just a few people roamed the dimly lit streets of this sleepy town when we arrived at Infanta at about 4am. Thinking we arrived early, we were not in a hurry to prepare our photography gear. We were surprised when we suddenly heard a clacking and swishing sound and […]

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Sharing the Urban Soul Experience

We passed by the shop of Mang Sonny – the tailor, as we walked through Rosemary Lane in Pasig. The nooks of his shop are surrounded by colorful cloths (retaso) and garments for mending, up front is his vintage sewing machine which seemed to have aged […]